MSR heat cream 100ml


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You want to buy this product because you want:

  • to heat, regenerate and relax your muscles and joints
  • something to bring you relief after a workout
  • a product with natural ingredients


MSR heat cream is a product designed by Molpharma pharmacists and talented athletes. It contains natural ingredients, among others: hemp oil ( Cannabis Sativa L.), capsaicin and methyl salicylate – their optimal proportions regenerate, heat and relax muscles and joints. When used after physical activity, it speeds up metabolism reducing lactic acid which appears in the muscle tissue and it relieves muscle tension. It brings relief after an intensive workout.


MSR is recommended for active people before and after physical activity. It reduces joint tension, speeds up metabolism and regenerates muscles. It also brings relief in the ailments of locomotor system and musculoskeletal system as well as in sport injuries.

How to use:

MSR should be applied on clean skin, problematic areas of the body before or after physical activity. Apply a small amount of the cream to the body with a slow motion of fingers and hands. Massage into the body. Repeat as needed. The feeling of cooling will appear after a few minutes. Before first use, it is recommended to try the cream by applying it on a forearm.

Contraindications: oversensitivity to any ingredients of the product.


Only for external use. Use only as directed. Keep away from small children. Store in temperatures between 6 and 25C. Avoid eye contact and irritated skin.

Volume 100ml